Sunday, April 20, 2014


We had some fun festivities for Easter this year. I think we had like four easter egg hunts with the kiddos, which Chris thought was a little excessive -- but they absolutely loved it.

It started off with an egg hunt at daycare. Our daycare provider Debbie, who also happens to be in our ward, is possibly the most amazing person I know. She makes every holiday so fun for the kids! I especially appreciated it this year when I was so large with child and exhausted that I didn't have the energy to do a whole lot of anything except survive!

 We also dyed eggs with our little family. Emme and Henry loved writing or coloring on the eggs with white crayon and then watching their drawings show up once the eggs were dyed. Chris loved eating the eggs in the form of egg salad after they were done. :)
My amazing cousin Emily watched my kids two Friday nights in a row so Chris and I could have date nights before the baby got here. What a saint! One night she had them they did a big egg hunt in her back yard. So fun! Please disregard the fact that my children are egg hunting with Halloween buckets, ha ha. I had already packed up their Easter baskets with their goods (in case the baby came early), and I was too lazy to unpack them.

 On Easter morning our kiddos woke up to their Easter baskets. A whole lot of books, DVDs and toys, and almost no candy -- just the way I like it! Please note that I promise to NOT put Stanley's Easter goods in a pink bucket next year. Again, pregnant laziness. :)

We have taken a family picture like this on Easter morning every year since we've been married. See last year's photo HERE. I love it! Such a fun little tradition we've started, wet hair/pajamas and all!
We let them hunt for the eggs we had dyed, and then we got ready for church. We snapped a few photos on the front porch and STILL made it on time to sacrament meeting at 9AM! Go us.
Emme and Henry's Easter outfits were vintage this year. Chris is not a fan but I adore them! Such sweethearts. I'm going to put that Henry boy in rompers for as long as he'll let me! :)

Chris's parents were speaking in their ward, so Henry and I went to our ward and Emme and Chris went to theirs. Our neighbor Sharon sat with us that day and tickled Henry with her long nails. I've never seen him sit so still! That boy LOVES to be tickled.
After church Emme rolled some eggs down the hill with Sharon and her daughter Michelle. It's a Peacock family Orangeville tradition, and Emme had a blast taking part.
Later in the day we had Easter dinner with the Pace side of the family and another little egg hunt for the kiddos. It was quite the busy day! Of course we managed to have a few meaningful discussions (with Emme at least) about why we celebrate Easter, and I hope she got it. If not, we will try again next year!

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