Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vintage Clothing & SaltCitySmocks

 A few months ago the Spencers were cleaning out some closets and decided to part with five big boxes of Charity, Stacey and Chris's clothes from when they were babies. They laid it all out on their pool table for us to come look through and see if we wanted to keep anything that might be sentimental.

I've been buying a lot of vintage baby & kid clothing on instagram lately, because it's super cute & one of a kind, made in the USA, and it's makes me feel green by buying preloved vintage clothing versus new stuff from the mall that was made in a sweatshop in Asia. Insert comment about reducing my carbon footprint, or something like that.

At any rate, these boxes of clothes the Spencers had saved were amazing! They were going to give them to DI and I told them they were a gold mine, that there were people who would pay big bucks for them. So they gave the boxes to me and I spent a few weeks soaking and washing spots out of them.
Then I made an account on instagram called @saltcitysmocks and began selling all their old baby clothes (with the exception of the boys clothes I saved for Stanley and Henry). They were a hit! I had over a thousand followers within a week. Their clothes sell like hotcakes, within seconds of me listing them. Crazy! I've been using all the money from my vintage clothing sales to buy clothes for all three kiddos for the next two seasons, and to buy a few things we needed for the baby. It's been a nice little cushion.
Sometimes we also go to DI to go thrifting for things to sell on my instagram. It's a thrill to hunt for vintage there, and the kids love it because I always let them pick out a toy. Cheers to $1 toys from DI! 
They also think it's so fun to sit under the racks while I browse. The simple things!
Emme and Henry love to help me ship the packages at the post office.
Most of the girl clothing was too small for Emme, but this cute little number fit! So fun to wear an outfit her aunt wore thirty years ago.

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