Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Aaaand, they're back.

Remember the little baby quail we had in our window well a few weeks ago? Behold.

Last night Chris came home late from a meeting and as he walked to the front door he heard chirping coming from the window well. When we investigated with a flashlight, we found three more itsy-bitsy quail in the window well again.


Two were alive and one was barely alive, and their mama was nowhere to be found.
This time we scooped them into a box right away and set them free on the grass. We're choosing to think happy thoughts as soon as Chris and I walked inside, I'm sure the mama swooped down and gathered them off to their little home to feed and comfort them. This pregnant woman does not need dead babies of any sort on her hands.

Here's to hoping we have no more visitors in our window well anytime soon.


Mrs. Langeland said...

Ah, I think it may be time to cover that window well. Especially before any baby Spencer's fall in!

Kelli Whitney said...

Maybe that Crazy ol blue jay keeps dropping them off there! That silly Blue Jay, always playing pranks on people. Chris should know what I'm talking about.