Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Enginerds

Over the weekend, Chris and I were able to go to the wedding of one of my good friends from college. I had four study-buddies that I prettymuch spent 4 years with while getting through school. We saw each other more than our families saw us. We jokingly called ourselves "the enginerds." When I think back to those days and I'm so grateful for the friendships we formed. We leaned on each other a lot and I think school would have been much more difficult without such supportive friends.

One by one we've all gotten married. I was the first to bite-the-dust and James was the last, this past weekend. When I get to see them all at each wedding, it's like no time's gone by at all. I sure miss those guys and love getting to see them.

I forgot to take pictures at the wedding, and I'm bummed about that. But here are is a little flashback for you.

The award-winning senior project group. BJ, Jason, James, Dan, Annalisa, Dr. Rasmussen.

Graduation! Chris, Annalisa, BJ, Jason, James, Dan, Jack.

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Mrs. Langeland said...

I think that you just might be the coolest enginerd that I have ever met :)!