Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome Home Michelley!

On Saturday night Chris and I went to the airport with my parents and Amy to pick up Michelle. She was arriving home from a 3-month internship for...

in Key West.

(Don't worry, she didn't have to dress up like the southernmost-point-barrel all the time.)

We waited in the airport anxiously for her plane to arrive.
My dad held up the silly sign that he made, which he thought was so funny.

Michelly finally arrived and we took a picture of the three sisters who all happened to show up in denim with a green shirt. Michelley was a little shocked by my belly that sprouted while she was gone.

After lots of hugs, we went to Cafe Rio for some serious Mexican food. (Apparently Michelley went through Mexican food withdrawls in Key West. Go figure.)

We're glad to have you home, Michelley!

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