Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Practice

On Saturday we babysat our nephews Preston & Braden for a few hours so their parents could celebrate their anniversary in Park City. Our friends Nathan & Sadie dropped by with their little Sawyer to visit.

Sawyer and Braden are only about 2 months apart, so we set them on the carpet facing each other and they talked and laughed and gurgled at each other for a few minutes. Braden would get all shy and cover his face when we'd make him laugh. It was pretty cute.

Sadie holding Sawyer & Braden

Chris holding Preston & Sawyer

Preston was bouncing off the walls until Sadie & Nathan came and then he got a little shy and wouldn't smile for the camera. Doesn't Chris look tired in this picture? We had a busy weekend full of babysitting, but I still think it was good practice!

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