Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Adventures with the B-Man

These are a few random pictures from the times Emme gets to hang out with the B-man. We think they might have to get married someday! B-man is learning to share these days and he's doing such a good job! He thought it was a hilaroius to share his glasses with Emme. And she didn't seem to mind!

B-man came over to grandma Pace's with Emme to give his mom a rest for a bit. Emme shared her high chair with him and he loved it!

Then the B-man rode is tricycle all the way to our house like a big boy to show it to Emme! He even let her try it out and ring the bell. He thought it was hilarious to see her on it and she loved it!


Emily Heizer Photography said...

She doesn't look like she loves it, she looks like she's gonna cry! lol

rach said...

She is the best!!!!!! And she is so kind to someone that is so interested in her! Yep they will get married no worries!:)