Monday, June 14, 2010

Grass & Big Girl High Chairs

A few weeks ago we walked through a house with Daniel & Julie and some of the Pace family. After we walked through, we sat Emme on the grass and, to our surprise, she loved it. (The last time we set her on the grass she hated it!)

Then we went to Barbacoa for dinner and Emme got her first experience in a big-girl high chair at the restaurant. She was able to be up and looking around at everyone, which made the little diva feel like the big girl she wants to be. So fun!


Jenny said...

What a big girl! She looks adorable in purple. She is in a fun stage of life.

Abe and Lisa said...

What a cutey!! She is getting SO so big! We still need to do something .. like a double with the babe??