Friday, June 18, 2010

The Ways In Which We Ruin Our Children

Chris and I are pretty sure we've already ruined our child. And it only took us seven months! I'm sure that deserves some sort of an award or something. How have we ruined her, you ask? I will tell you. Emme is addicted. Already.

Addiction #1: The computer
I blog a lot. (This is no secret.) I frequently do this with one hand while nursing the Bambina and balancing a laptop across my knees. (I've got 20 minutes to kill six times a day, so sue me.)

Emme has now become accustomed to the sound of typing on the keyboard. If I try to hold her on my lap while sitting near a computer, she can't help but want to run her fingers across the keyboard and "type" like mom. It's pretty hilarious! She even cries if you try to take it away. Oh, boy.

{Blogging something very important}

{Just look at that face! So happy.}

Addiction #2: The Television
Chris loves the TV about as much as I love the computer. (Translation: too much.) He can't go to bed at night without unwinding with it for a few minutes, and he's a sucker for a good Saturday morning cartoon. Ever since she was little, Emme loved the sight and sound of the TV. We always tried to face her away from it when it was on. But now that she's roly-poly, it's nearly impossible.

If you set her on the couch next to you, she'll sit upright like a big girl. It's her new favorite trick. Once you turn that TV on, she gets super still like a statue, with her eyes glued to the screen. I caught dad & Emme watching some cartoons one morning and they were both so glued to the action they hardly noticed I was snapping pictures.

{Look at that face! So intense.}

{My big girl, the couch potato.}


The Martin Family said...

You are so funny. Emme is a doll. I LOVE the picture of her smiling while typing. So cute. And btw, every parent has "ruined" their child in some way. :)

Dasha said...

What a cute little couch potato! Love that she's still rockin the mullet.

Seth and Sarah said...

HA! So many of us do least you admit it and find the joy in your addictions! Looking forward to the Eclipse premier??? This time you won't miss it because of a baby birth! ha!