Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grabby Hands

Emme is so grabby lately! She'll twist and turn and stretch to reach whatever it is she's wanting to touch & play with.

I've had a bag of potatoes on the counter for a few days waiting for me to make it into a giant batch of freezer mashed potatoes from Fix, Freeze, Feast. Emme was so fascinated by the texture and noise of the bag, she would grab at it and play with it every time I set her in her bumbo on the counter to eat. It made it so hard to get the spoon in her mouth!

Finally Chris got tired of her twisting around in her seat while he tried to feed her, so he gave her what she wanted...

1 comment:

Emily Heizer Photography said...

Ha ha! She looks totally ECSTATIC about being crushed by the potatoes! lol lol SO cute!

I am so ready to have babies. :( Sigh.