Wednesday, January 11, 2012

37 Week Belly Pic

{Click HERE to see my 37 week pic with Emme}

Pregnancy Statistics
How far along? 37w4d (picture taken at 36w2d)
Gender: Boy
Current Cravings: Chicken sandwiches
Weight gain: +34 lbs (watch this number climb like mad - I always pack it on right at the end)
Best moment this week: A sweet twenty-something-year-old cashier at Sam's Club told me I was the cutest pregnant woman she'd ever seen. Probably not true, but it made my day.
Worst moment this week: I can tell baby brother has dropped some more this week. My hips fall asleep and tingle at night, and my pelvis aches when I walk! All good signs, though. The end is near!
Belly button in or out: Out
Labor signs: At 36 weeks I was 1 cm and 50% effaced, but baby brother was floating "high as a kite." At my 37 week appointment all was the same except baby brother is now at a -3 station.
What I miss: Sleeping without my hips aching!
What I'm looking forward to: I'm officially scheduled for induction on January 21st! That means we'll have October 21st (Annalisa), November 21st (Emmeline), December 21st (Chris) and January 21st (baby brother) birthdays in our family. Crazy.

We've got Emme all moved into her big girl bed and the nursery furniture in baby brother's room all ready to go. Emme still hasn't figured out that she can get down from her bed as she pleases, so when she wakes up she simply calls for me. Shhh! Don't tell her yet! It's so nice!

I got all of baby brother's clothes washed this week, his bed is made, his carseat & bundle me are out, and I've got a suitcase laid out on the floor of his bedroom that is slowly filling with my hospital needs. It feels so good to get those things done! Sigh of relief.

I'm still working on sewing Emme's big girl duvet cover, which is taking me much longer than I thought it would. Go figure. So baby brother's got to stay put for a little while longer while I get that done.

And any name suggestions would be welcomed! This baby is still nameless!


Jen and Jared said...

You are the cutest pregnant lady!! I love that your birthdays will all be in a row and on the same day...Awesome! And don't worry about the name. Ours still has no name either. The hubby can't make up his mind!

Abe and Lisa said...

Baby boy is coming so soon! Congrats.. 21 must be your fams lucky number!

rach said...

You look so CUTE!!! Loved the update!! Wahoo so soon!!!:)

cydandcody said...

Boy names are hard! I like Carter, Carson, Gavin, Caleb, Davis, Taylor, Lincoln, Henry, Clayton, Hudson, Sawyer...hope that helps!