Monday, January 30, 2012


We had a lot of fun visitors while we were in the hospital. I wasn't good at taking pictures with all of them, but I did get a bunch when Emme came to visit.

Chris's parents brought her up the day Henry was born. Here she is getting her first look at him when she came in the door, right as the nurse was giving him his first bath.

We were so glad to see her, and she was so glad to see us. I think she could tell something was up but didn't know what, and she missed her mom & dad.

Unfortunately, she didn't care much to see or hold the baby. "Emme, do you want to hold baby brother?" "No, he's too heavy!" Don't know where she came up with that, but we didn't push it any further that night.

Chris's parents brought her up again the next day, and they must have talked him up at home because all she wanted to do was hold him and kiss his head. She was in love with him!

What a sweetheart! And the obsession continues....this girl still can't keep her hands off baby brother. And we love it.

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