Thursday, January 19, 2012

Michelle's Girlfriend Shower

We threw a surprise girlfriend shower for Michelle this week. We knew she wouldn't let us throw her one if she knew about it, because she'd be embarassed to death about opening lingerie in front of a crowd, so we kept it under wraps and it was so much fun!
Julie pulled out all the stops and made some amazing food, all coordinated to our theme.

Melissa and I made the favors -- which were these lingerie cookies from an idea we found HERE via pinterest. They were super easy and turned out hilariously cute. The girls couldn't stop talking about the "bum" cookies.

If a person could die from blushing too much in one night, Michelle would have this night. It was so funny to watch her open all of her gifts -- it was like she didn't know what to do with her hands half of the time!

Nevertheless, it was a fun night to get together again with all of Michelle's friends from way-back-when. We all got a huge dose of laughter that night.

We're so excited for you, Michelley! Marriage is such an exciting journey, we are just thrilled for you & Jeff. Thank you for letting us embarrass & pamper you for a night!

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V said...

Those sisters sure know how to throw a party! Poor Michelle though. It is an embarrassing spotlight. I love your comment about her not knowing what to do with her hands. (Do I pull it out and show everyone? Eeeh)