Tuesday, January 17, 2012

38 Week Belly Pic & The Nursery

{Click HERE to see my 38 week pic with Emme}

Pregnancy Statistics
How far along? 38w3d (picture taken at 38w0d)
Gender: Boy
Current Cravings: Juice and poultry (as opposed to beef, which I usually crave)
Weight gain: +35 lbs (watch this number climb like mad - I always pack it on right at the end)
Best moment this week: Finishing Emme's big girl bedding! This baby can officially come at any time now.
Worst moment this week: Oh my aching hips & pelvis!
Belly button in or out: Out
Labor signs: Still 1.5 cm, 70% effaced and at a -2 station. A few contractions here and there, but I feel them low in my belly and in the tops of my thighs -- totally different than with Emme. So maybe baby brother won't be posterior like she was?
What I miss: Sleeping.
What I'm looking forward to: Snuggling & smelling a newborn. I can't wait to cuddle this baby!

I'm starting to get a little apprehensive about having a newborn around again. As a toddler, Emme is just so portable and I love it! She sleeps great, has a good schedule and can climb into the car all by herself. How the crap am I going to go anywhere with TWO kids? I don't look forward to dragging that giant infant carseat around all over the place again, but on the other hand I love that newborns sleep a lot and are so easy to take places. At least I won't have to bribe him with fruit snacks while we're at the grocery store?

I'm so excited to have him here, and so eager to have a smoother labor & delivery than last time. They're supposed to call us Friday night and tell us what time to come in Saturday morning for the induction. Then once I get there, they told me I can have the epidural before they even start pitocin, so there's a possibility of never feeling a single contraction. Holy crap, that's going to be so different than last time. It almost feels like cheating! Last time I labored all through the night, but this time it will be daytime, so I realized we should probably bring something to do to pass the time? I have a baby name book (since this baby is still nameless), and some DVD's. Any other suggestions? I also thought we could quiz my mom on her Spanish verbs (more on that later).

In other news, baby brother's room is all ready! He hasn't got much on the wall because I'd like to do a vinyl decal or monogram, but we need to pick a name first. He also doesn't have any curtains because the ones I had picked I decided didn't match close enough so I took them back. I've found a new set, I just need to order them. Oh well. But he's got a bed, an awesome chair that I'm in love with (it rocks AND reclines!) and everything else I can think of. His diaper bag is all packed and my hospital bag is half-packed, so we're more or less good to go.

We've even got a blue little bear for him in his crib. It was a gift from Emme to baby brother so that we can take pictures of him with it in his chair every month. Emme loves to hold it and sit on the chair and talk about baby brother. She's very excited for him to arrive.

{What crib would be complete without beaver-teeth marks from big sister?}

Can't wait for you to get here, little one!

{Yes, baby brother has a U in his window. We indoctrinate early.}

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