Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Henry At 1 Week

This little man is such a joy to have around. He's content and snuggly and sweet, and has an adorable dimple when he smiles.

Some first week ramblings....
  • Nursing has been more difficult this time around. The doctors in the hospital thought Henry was slightly tongue-tied, but they decided to let it be. As a result, his latch is not as good as Emme's was, and I've had quite a bit of cracking & bleeding. Ugh! But I think we're through the worst now.
  • Henry sleeps like a champ! He does a 4 hour stretch and then a 5 hour stretch at night. Oh how I love your sleeping habits, little man!
  • I'm not sure I'll ever get used to changing a little boy diaper. I'm just way too slow! Been peed/pooped on more times than I care to remember already. Girls are so much easier!
  • Henry looks a lot like Emme to me -- he has her same cheeks. He also has her same hairline & cowlick, but in a much lighter color. Perhaps he'll go blonder than Emme did?
  • Life feels so good lately. I barely keep up on the laundry, and between feeding Henry, myself and Emme, and changing diapers, the whole day is practically full. But it feels so nice. I love being a mom!

I can't wait for these two to become best friends. Emme is going to be the sweetest big sister in the whole world.


Jen and Jared said...

Those two are so cute together! The pictures are precious. Glad he's been good for you. And you'll get used to the boy diapers! LOL. If you ever need extra help with the sprays, they make these fun little things called "wee wee tee pees" (they have other names too) that cover that area. Boys are wonderful!

V said...

I love the name Henry...so much. His yawn picture is adorable. Nursing Bradshaw was like that too. I'm so sorry. I especially felt like I needed a cheerleader during the nigt when he wanted to nurse every 45 minutes and it was so painful.
Emme's kiss picture is adorable!

Darin and Liesel said...

He is so awake in these pictures! How adorable! I am so happy for your and your cute, growing family! I also like your positive mother attitude...it was hard enough for me to adjust after one, I can't imagine after two! But I am so glad you are loving it!