Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mimi's Big Girl Bed & Room

Emme's big girl bedroom is finally complete and she is in love! It all started with the dresser below, which used to be a natural wood color. It was being unused in our guest bedroom, and I wanted to do painted white furniture for Emme so I thought it would be a perfect, frugal piece.


I used Creamy by Sherwin Williams and THIS tutorial to paint her dresser & headboard. It took me a long time to do all the coats & everything, and by the time I got to her nightstand I was so pregnant that I asked Chris to finish the painting for me, which he mercifully did. The headboard is Chris's from when he was a little boy (it was also a natural wood color), and the nightstand was a $20 ksl find (but we sold a different nightstand we had for $20 so we broke even. yay!). All in all, her furniture cost us the price of the paint & the glass knobs (which were a splurge) that I got on ebay for about $4.50 a piece. And they're gorgeous! You have to see them in person.

{Nightstand, which still needs knobs added.}


Next came the bedding. Emme's room is very cold because of our old, uninsulated walls, so I knew I wanted to do a duvet set so she could have a warm comforter. I found THIS tutorial for a DIY knockoff of an Anthropologie duvet set, and I fell in love! It's so girly and feminine, but not overly juvenille. I found two pink twin sheet sets at TJ Maxx for $10 each and adapted the dimensions to a twin bed. I ended up using almost every scrap of fabric between the two sets, but I got the duvet cover, a bed skirt and a pillow sham out of it. Not bad for $20 bucks!

It was time consuming to pin all of the gathered sections, but I think it turned out simply adorable, and it was made with love by Emme's mama, so that makes it special.

I was worried that the transition to a big girl bed would be hard for Emme, but she is doing fantastic! We bought fold-away bed rails so she doesn't fall out at night, but other than that she has had no trouble. She stays in bed when we put her there and she calls to us when she wakes up. I don't think she knows she can actually get out of the bed if she wanted to. Shhh! Let's keep that secret for a while longer, mmmkay?

I love you, Mimi! You are going to be such a great big sister!


V said...

WOW! Her room is amazing. I love her bed I can't believe you made that!

Devrie Pettit said...

Darling. You are so lucky that you know how to sew.

The Martin Family said...

What the? I am so impressed Annalisa! I think I need to come see it all in person. It all looks so perfect. Emme is one little lucky girl.

p.s. It was great to visit with you this morning. Good luck tmw! We will be thinking of you!!!

Jen and Jared said...

Cute room! We still have to do that for Jackson but I think we're procrastinating because we still have a month left. I wish I could sew like you! Seriously, stuff like that is just amazing to me. It's adorable!

Julie said...

Simply amazing