Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve

This year for New Year's Eve we had a party at Chris's sister's house with all of the cousins & fam. We had a giant spread of food, including Costco wraps (my favorite), an awesome nacho bar (we're going to have to make this one a tradition!), and tons of other good food. I think I prettymuch snacked the entire night. It was fantastic!

We celebrated the new year at 10:00 pm when we watched the ball drop in New York, because we've got so many little ones. We didn't think they'd make it all the way to midnight! And I probably wouldn't have either, so it worked out perfect.

The kiddos gathered around the TV with all their noisemakers & party paraphernalia to watch the ball drop. My heck, those kiddos can make a racket! They had such a good time.

Emme especially loved all of the party gear. It was like dress-ups but for New Year's eve. She had a hard time parting with them when it was time to leave!

Thanks Flanagans, for hosting such a fun party!!

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