Thursday, October 8, 2009

34 Week Belly Pic

Alternate title: Let The Swelling Begin

I sat on the table with my feet dangling over the edge, waiting for the doctor at my 34 week checkup this wee. I kicked my shoes off like usual because, let's face it, no shoes right now are comfortable on my ever-expanding feet.

The doctor walked in the room, took one look at my sausage feet and said, "oh, dear." She also informed me that I'd gained seven pounds in the last two weeks. When I told her about the headache I'd had for the last two days (that not even Tylenol helped), she was very concerned. Basically all signs point to my blood pressure going up in the near future, which is bad for the baby. (I was sent to Labor & Delivery for high blood pressure at 24 weeks with these same symptoms.) The doctor said it would happen again if I didn't change my activity.

So I've basically been ordered to come straight home from work and lay on the couch with my feet up. Doctor-ordered laziness. Doesn't sound that bad, right? Well, it's surprisingly hard for me to do. I always walk in the door from work and want to fold laundry, do dishes and start dinner. And I run to the grocery or drugstore on my way to or home from work at least 4 times per week. (See here.)

I'm not used to my running myself ragged affecting anyone but myself. I'm used to it. It's what I have to do to keep a functioning household and work 40 hours a week. But now that my behavior affects the health of more than just really sucks. And of course I'm more than willing to do whatever it takes to keep this Bambina cooking for six more weeks. But sheesh. I have a to-do-before-baby list that's thirty items long, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to kiss that goodbye.

Boo-hoo. Pity-party for me.

Wow, even my face plumped up this week.

In other awesome news, Chris has taken it upon himself to be my personal dietitian. Because if I gained 7 pounds in two weeks, I must have been gorging myself on junk food and sweets, right? Needless to say, all of the brownies, twix's, and other goodies from our house have mysteriously disappeared. He even banned me from buying any more chocolate milk! (Baby needs her calcium, dang-it!)

I think he's punishing me for all the newfound housework and cooking he's just been assigned to do in the evenings.

Pregnancy Statistics

How far along? 34w1d
Gender: Girl
Current Cravings: Waffles & chocolate milk
Weight gain: +28 lbs
Worst moment this week: Wearing a pair of turquoise Crocs to my cousin's wedding reception because I literally could not fit my feet into any other pair of shoes.
Best moment this week: Borrowing a pair of bigger shoes from my sister. It saved me from having to buy a pair for church on Sunday from the "wide" department at Payless!
Funniest moment this week: I walked in the door from work wearing a brown and orange wrap sweater (really, it was much cuter than it sounds!) and Chris lovingly informed me that I looked like a pumpkin.
Belly button in or out: Out!
Labor signs: None
What I miss: Spooning and deep breaths
What I'm looking forward to: Our last birthing class this week!


Sadie said...

I was starting to wonder if you were ever going to start looking preggers :-) Although you still look great!

The Martin Family said...

Where is that 7 pounds? I can't find it! Also, I am going to have to see your feet for myself to believe it. I think you look awesome!

Christi said...

My feet got really swollen near the end, too. I, too, could only wear crocs. One day, my dad looked down at my feet and said, "There's about ten pounds of water in each of your feet!" I gained a lot of water weight but I left the hospital 25 pounds lighter. I bet those 7 pounds were all water weight. You really do look great! I can only hope that I look that good at 34 weeks.

Nurse Heidi said...

Shucks. I feel your pain. I had to be on bedrest or modified bed rest with each pregnancy. With the first one, it was a very difficult transition to go from working full time to flat on my back staring at all the dust bunnies in the corners, but worth it in order to grow Ethan for another three months. As hard as it is to relinquish control (and believe me, I'm a control freak about how the household runs), relish this opportunity to put Chris to work :).