Monday, October 12, 2009


On Friday night we got home really late from watching football with our friends. We were super exhausted after a busy day. As we went to climb into bed, it was Chris's turn to say prayers. He started the prayer in the usual manner, and then I heard this come out of his mouth:

"Please bless the food that it will nourish and strengthen our bodies, and do us the good we need. These favors and blessings we pray for, in the name..."

As this was coming out of his mouth, I peeked over at him with one eye to see if he was serious.

And he was. Dead serious. And seriously sleepy.

I busted up laughing for about 20 minutes. Chris's only defense was that he was tired. Maybe he was blessing his breakfast for the next morning? By the time I finished laughing, my sides and ribs ached. And tired ol' Chris was long asleep.

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Seth and Sarah said...

Ha! That's awesome...poor Chris and his sleepiness. You should have no sympathy for him--I'm sure you're not sleeping so well this far into your pregnancy!