Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Real Deal

Last spring I bought a skirt at Pea in A Pod when I was 10 weeks pregnant. I tried it on in the dressing room using one of their faux bellies and laughed at myself in the mirror. There was no way I was going to look like that soon! (insert sarcastic eye-roll here)

One of these pictures is at 10 weeks with the faux belly, and one is at 36 weeks with the real one. Can you tell which one is the real deal?

Find the answer HERE. Did you guess right?


rach said...

You are so funny I love this and your blog always something good to read here! You look better than that silly belly your one hott momma!!! Ahhhhh it's so soon I can't wait so much fun!!!!!!!!

Jen and Jared said...

It's amazing how big you really do get! Just wait until you have her. It's hard to remember how big you were after they're born too! Especially because you go from absolute discomfort to being able to breathe and change your own socks again!

Devrie Pettit said...

I guessed right. The one on my left. Your ankles just look slightly swollen in that one. You look amazing and so tiny. I gained 12 pounds of fluid in one week! When I pushed my finger into my ankles the indent would stay! Good luck during this final countdown.

Nurse Heidi said...

I rule! I totally nailed that one!