Friday, June 22, 2012

Henry At 5 Months

I can't believe this boy is 5 months old already! They just grow too fast.  He is just as delightful as always, and such a joy to have in our home.

A few notes about Hank the Tank:
  • We continue to think this boy is a giant tank, even though he's really about average for his age. He just seems HUGE compared to our petite little Emme.
  • We started Henry on solids for a week or two but stopped after a while because he seemed to lose interest. We will try again in a month or two.
  • Henry sleeps from 8 pm until 6 am these days. It took a little bit of tough love (aka sleep training), but he's doing great. He also takes one short (~1 hour) and one long (~3 hours) nap per day.
  • Henry still loves his swing. It's groaning under the weight of his giant thighs, but keeps on rockin'.
  • Henry still loves his sister. He recognizes her voice instantly and cranes his neck to find her in the room. She can make him smile like no one can.
  • Henry still loves to suck on anything and everything except a binky. He drools and drools and drools (teething much?). I swear I can almost see a couple teeth on the bottom on their way but I can't feel them yet. He's even given himself giant hickey on his arm a few times.
  • Henry has figured out that Emme will let him suck on any body part he gets his hands on (because she thinks it is funny). The other day I was getting ready one morning when I hear Emme giggling behind me. I turn around to see Henry has Emme's whole foot in his mouth (toes and all) and is going to town sucking on it while Emme laughs her head off. Yuck!
  • Henry is a tummy sleeper! When I lay him down for naps & bedtime he immediately flops onto his tummy and we find him that way when we go get him. That makes four tummy sleepers in our house!
  • Henry is very close to sitting up. He does really well sitting with a little help.
  • Henry is a champion pooper (still). We continue to go through up to 4 outfits a day because his poops are so forceful that they go right up the back. Even sizing up in diapers didn't help.
  • I think Henry is going to be a deep thinker. He focuses on one toy much longer than I remember Emme doing. He will stare intently at it and grab and it and play with it for long periods of time. He loves exploring things with his hands and he doesn't get frustrated easily.
  • Henry is as ticklish as they come, especially on his back. He has the cutest little belly laugh that makes us all just melt.
  • We gave Henry's hair a trim this month. His faux-hawk had a few stragglers that were like four inches long! The rest of his hair is really starting to fill in nicely. I think he's going to have a great head of hair like his dad.

Sweet smiles.
Oh hi there, mister bear.
 Do you mind, mom? I'm making a new friend, here.

 Teething, much?

Love you, little man! Happy five months!

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Darin and Liesel said...

Oh my gosh!! He is SOOO cute! I can't believe he is already 5 month too! Where does the time go?