Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stu Leaves for Ukraine

On Tuesday night all of the siblings & spouses met over at the Stake Center once again to watch Stu be set apart as a missionary. We all got the chance to go around the table and share our feelings & testimonies. It was a special experience. Hard to believe the last little Pace sibling is leaving on his mission. We will miss him so.

Stu was supposed to be at the MTC around 1:30 on Wednesday, so we all met for lunch again, this time at Five Guys on Wednesday morning.

Emme and I got there early and helped scoot a bunch of tables together. By the time everyone filtered in and got their food ordered, Emme was all but dying for lack of a french fry in her hand. (She must be used to the speed of a McDonald's drive-thru!) Daniel and Julie were sitting next to us and they got their food first, so I "borrowed" a fry from them and handed it to Emme. Her face lit up with delight. It was huge! She showed it to me with a huge grin on her face and dipped it carefully in her ketchup. Just as she was about to eat it, Stuart, who was walking past behind her, bent down and took a big bite off the top. Emme looked down in shock at her solitary french fry she'd waited all of 20 minutes for...and burst into a fit of alligator tears! It was hilarious. I couldn't resist a picture. (Don't worry, she got over it quickly once we found her an even bigger fry to eat.)

Stu didn't seem nearly as nervous as Amy had. He was his happy, calm, usual self. I think he was just ready to get the show on the road, and eager to see Amy down at the MTC. (And I guarantee Amy was dying with anticipation, too.)

Love you, Stu! You're a great brother and you're going to be a fantastic missionary. The enthusiasm you show in everything you do is going to bless the lives of many Ukrainians. We will miss you and we are so proud of you!

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