Saturday, June 2, 2012

Utah Lineman's Rodeo

 We went to the Utah Lineman's Rodeo this year, which is a fundraising event put on in part by Rocky Mountain Power/PacifiCorp, with all proceeds benefiting the University of Utah Burn Center. I help with their website during the year, as well as some of the kids events and Chris is on the rodeo committee, so he sits in a trailer all day and helps with the scoring. While Chris was doing his thing, I took Emme and Henry and met up with Chris's sister Stacey and her kids to check out all the fun things they had.

The highlight of the day was the bounce house, snow cones, and definitely the bucket ride. I'm a total wuss, so I offered to stay back with Henry & Braden while Stacey took Emme and Preston. I thought she'd be freaked out going up in the crane bucket but apparently it didn't even phase her. Way to go, Emme! At the top they just looked like tiny little ants sticking their heads out over the edge. What fun!

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