Saturday, June 2, 2012


We started Henry on solid foods this week! He had been sleeping through the night from 8pm to 6am, but then started waking up randomly around 3 or 4, and we decided he might be hungry. So we started with sweet potatoes.

At first Henry wasn't sure what all the fuss was about.

He kept looking up at Chris like, what in the world are you doing?

 But after tasting the first bite, he decided he LOVED it!

And apparently Chris wasn't getting the spoon to his mouth fast enough, so he kept trying to grab it with his hands to shove it in his mouth. So cute.

 Sweet little messy man!

Unfortunately, about 3 days into the solids experiment, we discovered that the sweet potatoes were the cause of his screaming tummy ache fits. He was having diarrhea and a tummy so rumbly I could feel it with my hand, accompanied by uncontrollable screaming (which is SO out of character for Henry). So we had to stop solid food for a few days. We then resumed solids with rice cereal, which sits fine in his tummy luckily, but he hates the taste of it -- even when it's made with breastmilk. He's to the point now that he won't even open his mouth for it and sometimes he starts to cry, which makes my heart hurt!  We then tried out applesauce, but that also made his tummy hurt.

What in the world should we try feeding this sensitive little boy next?

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