Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thumb Sucker

 This boy will suck on anything and everything he can get his hands on. I change his shirt sometimes multiple times per day because it's wet all the way down to his belly button with saliva from sucking on his hands & toys. He finds his thumb every once in a while but seems to really prefer his index & middle fingers at the same time. He makes an adorable & loud sucking noise when he's going to town on those two fingers that is so cute.

Emme has also figured out that Henry will suck on anything and everything. The other day he was sitting in his bumbo on my bathroom floor while I finished getting ready. Emme wandered in and was playing with him. After a few minutes I heard her giggling and him sucking loudly. I turned around to find her laughing hysterically while Henry went to town sucking on her toes! She didn't quite understand why I didn't think it was as funny as she did.



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