Thursday, September 10, 2009

30 Week Belly Pic

Annalisa: "Who do you think is more excited for this baby to come -- you or me?"
Chris: "Me."
Annalisa: "Why?"
Chris: "Because I'm not the one that has to push it out!"

Touche, Chris, touche.

I have to say I'm impressed by Chris's keen perception of my anxieties these days. It means that when I've said to him once a week for the last 7 months "I'm nervous about going into labor," he was actually listening.


Pregnancy Statistics
How far along? 30w1d
Gender: Girl
Current Cravings: Twix candybars and Hostess cupcakes
Weight gain: +20 lbs
Best moment this week: Starting our birthing class.
Funniest moment this week #1: Despite having gained 20 pounds in the last 7 months, my bathroom scale still tells me I have a BMI in the "normal" weight range. I'm pretty sure this irks Chris when he steps on it and it tells him otherwise.
Funniest moment this week #2: Arriving at our birthing class and noticing two "life partners" in attendance, and then watching our instructor struggle to find another word to use besides "daddy" to describe the non-pregnant persons in the room.
Belly button in or out: OUT!
Labor signs: None.
What I miss: I still miss laying on my stomach. And blue cheese. And being able to eat chicken without dry-heaving.
What I'm looking forward to: Setting up the crib.

In other news, our nursery is clean and ready to go (seriously...I dusted every blind of every window and every baseboard of every wall last weekend. Nesting, anyone?). We're waiting on some carpet people to come stretch the carpet in that room before we set the crib up for good. We had the carpet installed less than 2 years ago but there is a wrinkle or bubble in nearly every room of our house! So irritating. Luckily it's all under warranty so they're coming to fix it for free.

But good luck getting me to be patient about it. Hmph.

Crib box a la bambina.

Dresser a la bambina.
(It's really not dusty...I'm to OCD for that...I just have a crappy camera.)


kupukaa_ohana said...

Just had to let you know, when I was pregnant with Malia I was talking to my doctor about the whole bleu cheese thing..she said that she knows for a fact that LightHouse Bleu Cheese is made with pasteurized milk so it's safe! Best news I heard when I was pregnant. P.S. I LOVE the dresser, it's so beautiful!

rach said...

Oh my gosh u are now 69 days that's amazing ! You look perfect and no worries about labor just be grateful for that wonderful epideral (however u spell it!) ! The dresser is AMAZING!!! I love it great job you guys!!!

Mrs. Langeland said...

30 Weeks!! You look amazing, no fair!

I too remember worrying about pushing the baby out. Little did I know, that was the easy part (especially with an epidural). What I had no idea about was the postpartum period. No one told me about it, and I just thought everything would be easy as cake once the baby was born. Oh so niave!

If you'd like any insight, I'd be more than happy to fill you in on all the details!