Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Own Personal Chef

We've had busy evenings for the last few weeks with birthing classes and other obligations. It's been making it hard to find time to make dinner after work but before class (...unless I use the crockpot...but it's still too hot for that).

So I made a menu plan for this week and bought all of the ingredients over the weekend. Chris always offers to cook if I tell him what to make, so this week I've been leaving recipes out on the counter for Chris. I told him if he wanted to have any dinner to eat, he was going to have to help cook it (since he gets home an hour before I do).

Every night this week when I've walked in the door from work, dinner has already been in the works! I think I have the best husband ever.

Last night's creation -- BLT pasta. Oh-so-yummy.

In other news, we watched two birth videos in our childbirth class last night. And they were real-live birth videos. When they finished I looked over at Chris who was sitting there in his chair, wide-eyed.

Annalisa: "What are you thinking?"
Chris: (Shaking his head.) "Holy shiz, holy shiz, holy shiz!"
Annalisa: "Use your words, honey. Are you thinking it looked painful? Are you thinking it looked gross? What?"
Chris: (Still shaking his head.) "Holy shiz, holy shiz, holy shiz!"

So there you have it, folks.


Ali said...

Still laughing...

"use your words honey" I say that all the time to my kids. Oh wow. Was he ever able to articulate his thoughts further than, Oh shiz?!

How AWESOME that he's been cooking for you. What a guy.

The Martin Family said...

LOL! Too funny! Holy Shiz sums it up!

Ryan cooks too! We are both lucky ladies.

Rylie will miss you too!

Nurse Heidi said...

I must say that I can't wait to hear how he actually does at the birth...I hope you have Plan B in mind just in case he passes out and renders himself useless! Love love love the sympathy belly, too. That's something I've not seen before and I think it's a fantastic idea. Think they could make one twice as big for twins??