Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Finished Product - Our Hall Bath

I thought this day might never arrive. We began remodeling our hall bath five months ago and it's finally done! It's been mostly done for a while now, but that last 10% is always the hardest to finish. Good thing we've got this Bambina on her way to kick our rear ends into gear.

BEFOREThis is the layout of the bathroom before. We had a GIANT vanity with double sinks and a lot of wasted space.

Here's a picture of what the bathroom looked like when we bought the house. As you can tell, it was very vintage. (I actually sold the towel rings and light fixture on ebay. Who buys that kind of stuff?!?) We gave it some quick loving that we thought would last a few years. Then when we found out the showers were leaking, we had to give it the real fix.

Here you can see the giant vanity with the double sinks, and some of the hardware we updated. I paid $60 for that HUGE mirror the day after Thanksgiving, and $70 for that GIANT light fixture. The towel hardware I found online for super cheap.

The toilet cubby.

The linoleum in here was permanently dirty. Seriously. It didn't matter how hard I scrubbed it.

Gotta love those 1968 cabinets with no drawers whatsoever. Who's idea was that!? Oh, and a space for a vanity bench. I love the idea of sitting down while I do my makeup, but I never found a cool one to go there, luckily.

AFTERWe did some rearranging in the bathroom to create a laundry room upstairs. Since this bathroom was so big, we had no trouble shortening the vanity a little bit and moving the toilet.

The finished vanity with new countertops and sink, as well as new hardware and mirror.

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE having drawers in my bathroom? Best. Invention. Ever.

The new toilet and new towel hardware. We have a little less wall space than before, so we had to upgrade to the double towel rod, but the other hardware stayed the same.

The new tub and tile surround.

No more black linoleum! I love how easy to clean this tile is.

The linen closet that hides the washer & dryer. Someday when we move the washer and dryer back downstairs, we'll put shelves in this closet and use it as a real linen closet, since we're lacking in storage space in our house.

Ta da! The washer and dryer! I did my first load of laundry upstairs this week and it was oh-so-glorious. However, getting these machines in that closet was no small feat...

With the help of Chris's dad, it only took them 4 hours to get the machines upstairs and in the closet. After they got them slid in and hooked up, I was afraid Chris might be stuck back there forever. Luckily he's limber and was able to climb out over the top. Heaven forbid these things ever need any repairs!

I'd just like to say that I have the most amazing and brilliant husband in the world. The things he "just knows" how to do blow me away every day. We couldn't have done such a great repair on our bathroom without all of his skills. Plus he puts up with all of my nagging and pickiness. Love you, Chris!


Mrs. Langeland said...

I love it! All of the hard work was definitely worth it. It is so amazing!

Jen and Jared said...

Yea for fix it ups! It looks great. We have a house that we're doing the same things to and somehow Jared just knows or finds a way to fix things. By the way, it would be so fun to get together with you guys! I meant to say something when we saw you at the wedding but didn't get a chance to. And you are looking fantastic! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)