Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Best. Class. Ever.

I think we may have had our best birthing class ever last night. Why, you ask? Because Chris got to wear "The Empathy Belly." (And when I say "got to," I mean the instructor forced him to. Love her.)

Behold -- The Empathy Belly. Thirty-five pounds of simulated pregnancy goodness. Complete with boobs and belly.

While the instructor was talking, Chris kept sitting there and hoisting the belly up off his lap with both hands, because he couldn't lean forward like normal and get comfortable. Then he would look at me with this pained look in his eyes, like "this is so annoying and uncomfortable, I want to take it off!"

And I laughed a silent evil laugh.

(I just can't get over the boobs! They're too hilarious.)

I even made Chris bend over and try to tie his shoes while he had the belly on. As he was bent over I asked him if he could breathe. "No," he panted, as he struggled to reach the laces.

And I laughed another evil laugh. This time out loud.


rach said...

Oh that is so awesome! I love it! Good job Chris u look good as a prego!!!! Ha ha ha I love it I can't stop laughing!

Ali said...

i had no idea those existed!!!!

where can i find one? ebay? your teacher is awesome.

Julie said...

"Chris looks like a girl!" - Tucker

Val said...

Oh my goodness...I was dying laughing. Every man in the world should have to try on an empathy belly.
But kudos to Chris for letting you post a picture on here.
We'd love to see you guys, we got a TON of snow up at the cabin today. Your schedule is hectic but we'll probably be here another week or two.

Melissa Henning said...

oh my gosh! too funny! Thank you so much for sharing that! lololol!!!!

Seth and Sarah said...

Love it! Especially that it has boobs! I so wish Seth could have experienced that...every father should. They owe us mother's big....