Thursday, September 24, 2009

32 Week Belly Pic

Sometimes our birthing class instructor gives us "homework" to do before we come the next week. At the beginning of class last week she stood up to ask who had completed their homework. Then she pulled out a bag of Mamba candies and tossed one to everyone who raised their hand.

Do you remember Mambas? It's been years since I last had one. As I unwrapped mine and put it in my mouth, I was instantly in love again. During the rest of class, the teacher continued to hand them out for each question answered correctly.

You better believe I was the annoying smart kid in the front row who never gave anyone else a chance to raise their hand.

Must. Have. More. Mambas.

On the way home that night, we stopped at every grocery store between the hospital and our house in search of my very own giant bag of Mambas. Mmm-mmm. And they were delicious.

(I'm starting to sprout the "basketball" look this week!)

Pregnancy Statistics

How far along? 32w1d
Gender: Girl
Current Cravings: Mambas and Twix candybars
Weight gain: +21 lbs
Best moment this week: Watching Chris learn how to swaddle and change a diaper on a doll in our childcare class. Hilarious.
Funniest moment this week #1: Trying to reach my feet yesterday morning to put socks on for the first day of fall. It was a no go. I skipped the socks and wore the closed-toe shoes anyway.
Belly button in or out: Out!
Labor signs: A few braxton-hicks here and there. I can tell they're stress-related.
What I miss: I still miss laying on my stomach.
What I'm looking forward to: My first baby shower this week!


Seth and Sarah said...

You still look just darling! I'm truly surprised they even sell Mamba's anymore...mmm...

The Whitney's said...

Gotta love the Mamba's