Monday, September 7, 2009

Vicky's, Specialty Stores and TMI

(Men, you might want to avert your eyes...we're about to have a conversation about bras.)

I bought a new bra last May when I was about 14 weeks pregnant and my old one was so uncomfortably small I couldn't stand it a day longer. It was a horrifyingly embarrassing experience that included me purchasing a garment from the "full-figured" rack of a department store (because I had long outgrown anything at Victoria's Secret). And the only one they had in my size? Leopard print. Awesome.

Fast forward to now. My band is starting to feel so tight that by the end of the day I feel like I can't breathe. I've been tempted to take it off in the car on the way home from work a few times. But don't worry, I haven't yet.

There's no way I'm heading back to the department store to buy a new one that I'm going to outgrow again in 2 months anyway. So. I've been doing the only reasonable thing, which is to search for a bra extender.
Exhibit A. The bra extender.

Last weekend, after trying a few supercenters and maternity stores but leaving empty-handed, Julie and I stopped at Victoria's Secret at the Gateway. One of the associates stood by the entrance, welcoming customers as they walked in. "Welcome to Victoria's Secret. Can I help you find something?" Yeah, um, we're looking for bra extenders. You see, I'm getting fat but I'm too cheap to buy a new bra. Can you help?

The look we received from the sales associate as she told us no was priceless. I almost wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

A few days passed and I was still bra-extender-less, and I thought I was going to die. In my desperation, I started searching the internet. (Can I just confess my love for Google Shopping right now?) I finally found a bra extender with the proper hook dimensions at one of those online "specialty" stores. You know, the stores where they promise to ship it to your house in a discrete box? One of those stores.


Please let it get here soon.


rach said...

Please become a writter u are way to funny! I love this post! Way to funny and way to true!

Nurse Heidi said...

I could swear that I got bra extenders at Motherhood. Been a very long time, though, so I could be mistaken. Ordering it from a naughty store is way more funny :).

The Martin Family said...

Ha ha! Oh, the joys of motherhood! Don't worry....there is more to come!