Friday, September 4, 2009

First Fruits

We picked our first red tomato from our potted tomato plants this week! After Chris picked it he said, "so, do you think it's safe, like, to eat?" He was convinced that nothing grown from our own yard could ever be edible.

So he made me eat it. You know, just to be safe.

In other news....when I walked in the door from work that day, Chris said to me, "Honey, it looks like you fell and your hair got pushed sideways. What happened?"

No, Chris, my hair was supposed to look like this today. But thanks for asking.


A-ME said...

i think your hair is cute!

Melissa Henning said...

oh my gosh, your hubby is a riot! At least he comments, and is involved with how you look. My hubby will let me leave the house with a booger smeared across my face, my skirt tucked into my underwear, a bug in my hair, and toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe...ooh! Don't forget the totally see through shirt, that I couldn't tell from my angle.

The next bit of veggies that you get, you should chop that tomato up and put it in his dinner, w/out telling him. Then when he comments on the dinner (either bad or good--you know he's gonna say something either way lol) you can say, "Compliments of our yard, that the neighbor's dog fertilized for ya hun."

In all seriousness, you guys are so cute together (I hope you know I'm just teasing with everything...except for the booger)!

pace87 said...

I have that shirt! haha.

Jen and Jared said...

My hubby has done the same thing! I think it's cute. I have that same shirt except white and I wore it all the time the last part of my pregnancy. It made me feel good to wear something that wasn't maternity!

Sadie said...

That is so funny...I can just hear Chris saying that :-)