Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Chris

Chris turned the big three-zero this year. He was not super happy about it AT ALL. In fact, I was convinced he was going to have a midlife crisis and buy a motorcycle or something! Luckily, that did not happen. Here is what did...

We had a birthday celebration with the Paces, complete with cake & ice cream. Chris & Melissa share the same birthday, so we celebrated them together. The day wasn't complete without the two little princesses helping to blow out candles. Does it get any better than life with a toddler? I think not.

On Chris's real birthday, he took the day off to relax and enjoy himself, and then later that night we had a quasi-surprise birthday party with his closest friends. I made Milanesa (an Argentine fried steak recipe that my grandmother brought back with her from Argentina in the 50's) all by myself for the first time and it turned out awesome! Made me feel like a bonafide grown-up for the first time.

We spent the night eating and laughing and eating some more.

Mimi and Cambree were there to hang out with us during the evening. Such cute little munchkins!

We played a trivia game that was all about Chris, potato chips, sandwiches and the number 30. It was quite entertaining.

Then later we had the obligatory birthday cake.

{Jeremy & Kelli & baby girl #2!}

{Jessica & Jaron}

{Sam & Jennifer}

{The birthday boy}

Thank you to all of Chris's friends for being so wonderful & coming to celebrate with us so close to Christmas! With the help of your friendship, we avoided the emotional meltdown I was sure would happen that day. :) You guys are the best!

Happy birthday, Chris! We love you & look forward to oodles more birthdays with you!

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Jessica Bath said...

Thanks for setting the example of turning 30 for all of us Chris! My favorite part or the evening (other than the incredible dish/dessert you made Annalisa) was the trip down Chris Spencer favorite memory lane ;D Thanks for having us over and now I am looking forward to a whole year of 30 Birthdays!!!