Monday, December 12, 2011

Sharing Buzz & Woody

Emme is slightly obsessed with our nativity this year. We have a Fontanini set, which I love. (It's possibly the second thing I would grab out of the house in case of a fire, with Emme being the first.) The pieces are beautiful but they're essentially plastic and unbreakable, so Emme can play with them to her heart's content.

I've been teaching her this year that we have to be respectful of the nativity pieces. We talk about Mary & Joseph & baby Jesus and the other characters. She still calls Mary & Joseph the "mom and dad," but she's getting the hang of it. She often brings baby Jesus and his manger to the breakfast table with us, and she shares her food with him and feeds him bottles. But she's never allowed to leave any of the pieces on the floor or throw them disrespectfully. We have to treat them nicely.
A few days ago I came into the family room one afternoon to find Emme had turned on Toy Story on the ipad, laid it on the floor and placed all the wise men and shepherds carefully around it so they were all "watching." She looked up at me and proudly exclaimed that she was "sharing Buzz & Woody with the guys." What a sweet heart! She decided to share her most favorite pastime these days (watching Toy Story) with baby Jesus' friends.

It made me chuckle, but what a sweet gesture from the heart of a toddler.

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