Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Third Time's The Charm

We had Mimi's third and final birthday celebration last Saturday with the Spencer family. It was a Saturday morning brunch where we celebrated all of the November and December birthdays -- which included Hannah, Emme, Chris and Grandma Spencer.

The birthday people got to blow out candles on their pancakes. Emme thought this was a riot.

We did much better at the blowing out this time around.

Then we all sat in a big circle and took turns opening presents. It was hard for Emme to be patient for her turn when she had so many big, enticing presents in front of her! But she did great.

She got a fun Melissa & Doug dress up toy from her cousins that she hasn't stopped playing with. It is so much fun!

She also got a Rapunzel ("Tangled, mama! Tangled!") ornament to hang on our Christmas tree. She still talks about it every day!

We also got some fun new outfits & dresses for the season, as well as a gingerbread tree kit (more on that later).

Emme got an Ariel card from Grandma Spencer that sings "Up Where They Walk" when you open it. Holy smokes, she loves that thing. Five days later she's still carrying it all around and demanding I sing along with it every time she opens it. So fun!

The grand finale of presents was a big chest of dress ups from Grandma & Grandpa Spencer! Her face was so excited when she opened it.

We immediately had to try things on, and we made numerous outfit changes throughout the rest of the morning.

Once Emme was sufficiently entertained with her goods, Chris got to open his presents. He got a new drill, some Phineas & Ferb pez dispensers (which Emme immediately confiscated) and some money (his favorite).

Later in the morning we all gathered around Grandma's new flatulating Santa toy to listen to it do it's thing. The kiddos thought it was hilarious. Definitely one of the highlights of the day.

Another highlight that MUST be pointed out, was watching Uncle Patrick (the die-hard BYU fan) over in the corner secretly reading Grandpa's Utah Football book! What now, Uncle Pat?

Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Spencer for such a fun birthday celebration! We love you!

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