Thursday, December 22, 2011

Temple Square

We went down to see the lights at Temple Square with Brent & Melissa and their kids a few weeks ago. We parked at the Gateway and rode trax, which was super exciting for the kids. (And even more exciting when we almost drove away without Brent because their stroller wouldn't fit through the door!)

When we strolled onto the grounds, Emme pointed at the temple and yelled "Beauty and the Beast castle!!" Ha ha! We've got princess movies on the brain I suppose. Time for a family home evening lesson on the temple I guess!

The lights were beautiful and Emme & the kids couldn't get enough of them.

Emme really liked seeing the Jesus statue when we went inside the visitor's center. She wanted to climb up on it to get a better look, but unfortunately we wouldn't let her.

Thanks for going with us, Brent & Melissa! It was a fun way to kick of the holiday season!

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